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Clean Diesel Emission Power Protection Solution- Goes beyond current EPA tier 4 level standards. HITEC now has the ability with the         Power Pro     (view link)   Series to provide solutions that can entail even greater permittable run hours and achieve lower emission levels.  

HITEC provides a solution with the functionality of both UPS and backup generator power in one electrical-mechanical package!  This product leverages our own design and built horizontal kinetic energy storage device that we couple into an always spinning synchronous alternator that couples to a normally offline engine through a clutch.  This eliminates electrical switching and the UPS batteries in otherwise traditional UPS

HITEC Power Protection operates from its head office and manufacturing facility located in Almelo, The Netherlands, with regional support centers in the USA and Asia Pacific, and a presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Spain, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. The company’s global coverage is further enhanced by a network of toptier distributors, agents and representatives who enable the company to service equipment and support customers around the world.

Since 1894, HITEC has been designing notable power innovations. In 1956 they conceived and built the very first rotary UPS system and the rotating filter concept that continues to be at the heart of their innovative products today. In 1969, HITEC combined the rotating filter concept with a kinetic energy module and diesel generator to introduce the first-ever Dynamic UPS.

Over the course of the next 30 years, HITEC has continued to introduce more sophisticated equipment capable of supporting larger loads. With a single unit capacity of 3.6 MVA, HITEC has the largest and most powerful dynamic UPS systems on the market today. And in 2015, HITEC introduced the PowerPRO product range which offers unrivaled efficiency, space, and operating cost savings. Today, the PowerPRO is considered the market’s ultimate Dynamic UPS system.


LINK  https://hitec-ups.com/

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