Welcome to DATA CALM

DATA CALM is a Manufacturers Representative for Mitsubishi Electric in the Arizona market. Mitsubishi makes the most efficient and reliable Uninterruptible Power Systems on the market. We can handle the smaller UPS applications all the way to Megawatt systems. Mitsubishi was the first UPS vendor to utilize IGBT’s in their design and now are the first company to implement the advanced capability SiC (silicon carbide) semiconductors. Higher efficiency is achieved across all load levels with SiC’s lower switching losses, higher switching frequencies and improved thermal conductivity range. 

DATA CALM is also a reseller for other Air and Power Conditioning related companies that support Server Rooms, Large Data Centers, FAB and Industrial Applications.

Please give us a call today to see what we can do to help you protect your equipment and bottom line.

Louie Ruffin, President at  (602) 619-6985      Louieruffin@DATACALM.com


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