Data Calm Team

Louie Ruffin – President & Partner (505) 507-7722      LouieRuffin@DATACALM.Com

Louie has been in DATA support business for 35 years and started Data Calm to fill a void in the Arizona and New Mexico markets. Louie has been involved in many large critical power projects that involved high-end power solutions.

Alex Streicek  – Partner (604) 916-0852

Alex holds 25 years in operations, sales, and leadership in value added manufacturing and installation within the commercial and residential construction industry.

 Gary Meyers – Project Manager & Sales Consultant

Gary has been directly involved in real estate development and construction for thirty-four years. Brings wealth of local Southwest business and construction experience to DATA CALM. Joined team in 2022. We welcome and congratulate Gary for joining our team!!!

Richard S. Mitchell – Joins DATA CALM New Mexico in 2022 as a seasoned Sales and Marketing leader. A Consultant in the hyper competitive software and electronics industries, Richard has a 30 year background in helping clients find, evaluate and implement the right products for their mission critical systems and projects.

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